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412Embezzlers Are Nice People (2017)15/04
1375Obituary for a quiet life (2023)14/04
608The darker side of being a doctor13/04
828Hacked Nvidia 4090 GPU driver to enable P2P12/04
884Show HN: I made a new sensor out of 3D printer filament for my PhD11/04
629U.S. imposes first-ever national drinking water limits on PFAS10/04
1160Yes, social media is a cause of the epidemic of teenage mental illness09/04
1045Llm.c – LLM training in simple, pure C/CUDA08/04
632How to found a company in Germany: 14 "easy" steps and lots of pain07/04
493Faces.js, a JavaScript library for generating vector-based cartoon faces06/04
758Ask HN: What is the most useless project you have worked on?05/04
1581Mario meets Pareto04/04
1417'Lavender': The AI machine directing Israel's bombing in Gaza03/04
1069Timeline of the xz open source attack02/04
1372LLaMA now goes faster on CPUs01/04
618Guess my RGB31/03
1323XZ backdoor: "It's RCE, not auth bypass, and gated/unreplayable."30/03
4549Backdoor in upstream xz/liblzma leading to SSH server compromise29/03
1268Sam Bankman-Fried sentenced to 25 years in prison28/03
1002Daniel Kahneman has died27/03
726The Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, Maryland Has Collapsed26/03
641Radios, how do they work?25/03
772Monolith – CLI tool for saving complete web pages as a single HTML file24/03
1515Game of Life, simulating itself, infinitely zoomable23/03
675Picotron Is a Fantasy Workstation22/03
2546U.S. sues Apple, accusing it of maintaining an iPhone monopoly21/03
996Flightradar24's new GPS jamming map20/03
737How to Start Google19/03
882YouTube now requires to label their realistic-looking videos made using AI18/03
932How web bloat impacts users with slow devices16/03
873Vision Pro: What we got wrong at Oculus that Apple got right15/03
1493Spreadsheets are all you need14/03
559A generalist AI agent for 3D virtual environments13/03
781Apple announces ability to download apps directly from websites in EU12/03
1335Boeing whistleblower found dead in US11/03
639U.S. is said to open criminal inquiry into Boeing10/03
1538Bruno: Fast and Git-friendly open-source API client (Postman alternative)09/03
1065Akira Toriyama has died08/03
1274Eloquent JavaScript 4th edition (2024)07/03
1037OpenAI and Elon Musk06/03
1025European crash tester says carmakers must bring back physical controls05/03
1274Show HN: 3 years and 1M users later, I just open-sourced my "Internet OS"04/03
615CSS for printing to paper03/03
964Ente: Open-Source, E2E Encrypted, Google Photos Alternative02/03
1462Elon Musk sues Sam Altman, Greg Brockman, and OpenAI [pdf]01/03
817The KDE desktop gets an overhaul with Plasma 629/02
1040The Era of 1-bit LLMs: ternary parameters for cost-effective computing28/02
696Apache Superset26/02
513Show HN: Reverse-Engineering a Switch Lite with 1,917 wires25/02
1620Institutions try to preserve the problem to which they are the solution24/02
1723Thanks FedEx, this is why we keep getting phished23/02
1031Nobody ever gets credit for fixing problems that never happened (2001) [pdf]22/02
1496Insecure vehicles should be banned, not security tools like the Flipper Zero21/02
1422Keep your phone number private with Signal usernames20/02
1020Show HN: htmz – a low power tool for HTML19/02
510Considerations for a long-running Raspberry Pi17/02
1640Alexei Navalny has died16/02
3647Sora: Creating video from text15/02
1673European Court of Human Rights bans weakening of secure end-to-end encryption14/02
1179Is something bugging you?13/02
1074Cloudflare defeats patent troll Sable at trial12/02
2460I designed a cube that balances itself on a corner11/02
564I Was Illegally Fired by Amazon for Speaking Out About a Coworker's Death (2023)10/02
1181Almost every infrastructure decision I endorse or regret09/02
1156FCC rules AI-generated voices in robocalls illegal08/02
741Show HN: Improve cognitive focus in 1 minute07/02
834SQL for data scientists in 100 queries06/02
1374Vesuvius Challenge 2023 Grand Prize awarded: we can read the first scroll05/02
596Browser extensions are underrated: the promise of hackable software (2019)04/02
550A brief history of the U.S. trying to add backdoors into encrypted data (2016)03/02
930Pkl, a Programming Language for Configuration02/02
714My favourite Git commit (2019)01/02
1177Infinite Craft31/01
681Apple Vision Pro review30/01
1967In loving memory of square checkbox28/01
823Disney unveils the HoloTile floor27/01
659Portable EPUBs26/01
2108Apple announces changes to iOS, Safari, and the App Store in the European Union25/01
1576Zed, a collaborative code editor, is now open source24/01
879FTC bans TurboTax from advertising 'free' services, calls deceptive advertising23/01
655Reading QR codes without a computer22/01
685Flipper Zero: Multi-Tool Device for Geeks21/01
1890What's that touchscreen in my room?20/01
731Dave Mills has died19/01
2437Losing my son18/01
1220Which word begins with "y" and looks like an axe in this picture? (2017)17/01
911US developers can offer non-app store purchasing, Apple still collect commission16/01
586Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years (1998)15/01
547Vanna.ai: Chat with your SQL database14/01
765Stellarium: Software which renders realistic skies in real time13/01
1325I'm sorry but I cannot fulfill this request it goes against OpenAI use policy12/01
862Google Cuts Jobs in Engineering and Other Divisions11/01
666A battery has replaced Hawaii's last coal plant10/01
1081Python 3.13 Gets a JIT09/01
1081I pwned half of America's fast food chains simultaneously09/01
810Show HN: I made an app that consolidated 18 apps (doc, sheet, form, site, chat…)07/01
861FAA orders grounding of more than 170 Boeing 737 Max 9s06/01
1051An app can be a home-cooked meal (2020)05/01
953Clicks – Physical keyboard for iPhone04/01
1902Niklaus Wirth has died03/01
17901D Pac-Man02/01
701Standard Ebooks01/01
1393Happy New Year HN!31/12/23
623The art of high performance computing30/12/23
1776In 2024, please switch to Firefox29/12/23
15184B If Statements28/12/23
1248DeskHop – Fast Desktop Switching27/12/23
653A list of Hacker News's undocumented features and behaviors26/12/23
800Ask HN: How do I train a custom LLM/ChatGPT on my own documents in Dec 2023?25/12/23
677Costs of running a macOS app studio business24/12/23
648Meta censors pro-Palestinian views on a global scale, report claims23/12/23
1063Show HN: Heynote – A dedicated scratchpad for developers22/12/23
1204ArXiv now offers papers in HTML format21/12/23
615Most 16-year-olds don't have servers in their rooms20/12/23
784Simulating fluids, fire, and smoke in real-time19/12/23
2202Figma and Adobe abandon proposed merger18/12/23
608How to learn chess as an adult (2021)17/12/23
446The New Essential Guide to Electronics in Shenzhen16/12/23
769Database Fundamentals15/12/23
1273Voyager 1 stops communicating with Earth14/12/23
979Google Promises Unlimited Storage; Cancels; Tells Journalist Life's Work Deleted13/12/23
1289Epic vs. Google: Google Loses12/12/23
1064Beeper Mini is back11/12/23
954Mechanical Watch (2022)10/12/23
1597If buying isn't owning, piracy isn't stealing09/12/23
1365Apple cuts off Beeper Mini's access08/12/23
1039Gemini "duck" demo was not done in realtime or with voice07/12/23
2135Gemini AI06/12/23
1521Show HN: Beeper Mini – iMessage client for Android05/12/23
1202Harvard gutted team examining Facebook Files following $500M Zuckerberg donation04/12/23
1592LLM Visualization03/12/23
1570Tiny volumetric display02/12/23
811Code is run more than read01/12/23
826Visual Anagrams: Generating optical illusions with diffusion models30/11/23
1075Llamafile lets you distribute and run LLMs with a single file29/11/23
1479Charlie Munger has died28/11/23
1304My toddler loves planes, so I built her a radar27/11/23
507Ask HN: What was the outcome of Reddit blackout?26/11/23
627The Dunning-Kruger effect is autocorrelation25/11/23
648Generative AI for Beginners24/11/23
2213Reflecting on 18 Years at Google22/11/23
1349Why does the moon change size when you snipe it in GTA?21/11/23
1919YouTube slows down video load times when using Firefox20/11/23
725StyleTTS2 – open-source Eleven-Labs-quality Text To Speech19/11/23
1423Greg Brockman quits OpenAI18/11/23
5710OpenAI's board has fired Sam Altman17/11/23
1268I spent 3 years working on a coat hanger [video]16/11/23
1603Blender 16yo winner of UK young animator of the year15/11/23
778A coder considers the waning days of the craft14/11/23
709Nepal bans TikTok and says it disrupts social harmony13/11/23
880HTML First12/11/23
925How I got here11/11/23
790Cursorless is alien magic from the future10/11/23
2454Omegle 2009-202309/11/23
1181Home Assistant blocked from integrating with Garage Door opener API08/11/23
727WeWork Goes Bankrupt07/11/23
1146New models and developer products06/11/23
901Why Cities: Skylines 2 performs poorly05/11/23
782NewPipe – Lightweight YouTube experience for Android04/11/23
1227As I retire, my goal now is to release 40+ years of source code03/11/23
1993Sam Bankman-Fried Convicted02/11/23
1205Cosmopolitan Third Edition01/11/23
1216German court prohibits LinkedIn from ignoring "Do Not Track" signals31/10/23
1076I accidentally saved my company half a million dollars30/10/23
781YouTube's Anti-Adblock and uBlock Origin29/10/23
545Show HN: OpenSign – Open source alternative to DocuSign28/10/23
590Lessons Learned from Twenty Years of Site Reliability Engineering27/10/23
1880The Cloud Computer26/10/23
811Show HN: OpenAPI DevTools – Chrome extension that generates an API spec25/10/23
1191California suspends Cruise's autonomous vehicle deployment24/10/23
1001Protomaps – A free and open source map of the world23/10/23
919A Dutch graphic artist reconstructed Tenochtitlan in 3D22/10/23
834We have used too many levels of abstractions21/10/23
731Encrypted traffic interception on Hetzner and Linode targeting Jabber service20/10/23
716Meta is banning people from advertising after running ads for Python and Pandas19/10/23
725Commercially available chairs in Star Trek18/10/23
906Free IRS-run tax filing pilot to be available in 13 states17/10/23
640About half of Bandcamp employees have been laid off16/10/23
636Mastercard Should Stop Selling Our Data15/10/23
827ChatGPT’s system prompts14/10/23
953Scrollbars are becoming a problem13/10/23
1122First word discovered in unopened Herculaneum scroll by CS student12/10/23
1163Log is the "Pro" in iPhone 15 Pro11/10/23
966Firefox tooltip bug fixed after 22 years10/10/23
926John Riccitiello steps down as CEO of Unity09/10/23
639Flappy Dird: Flappy Bird Implemented in MacOS Finder08/10/23
627Paperless-ngx – Open source document management system07/10/23
1134Making Hard Things Easy06/10/23
851Where does my computer get the time from?05/10/23
922An interactive intro to CRDTs04/10/23
510Running Stable Diffusion XL 1.0 in 298MB of RAM03/10/23
989What every software developer must know about Unicode in 202302/10/23
709Tire dust makes up the majority of ocean microplastics01/10/23
499Flexbox Froggy30/09/23
1366Richard Stallman reveals he has cancer in the GNU 40 Hacker Meeting talk [video]29/09/23
1756WiFi without internet on a Southwest flight28/09/23
884Mistral 7B27/09/23
1139FTC sues Amazon for illegally maintaining monopoly power26/09/23
1149We are beginning to roll out new voice and image capabilities in ChatGPT25/09/23
1276Text editing on mobile: the invisible problem24/09/23
852My solopreneur story23/09/23
929Valve is a wonderful upstream contributor to Linux and the open-source community22/09/23
1748Unlimited Kagi searches for $10 per month21/09/23
1667Car allergic to vanilla ice cream (2000)20/09/23
1205Snowden leak: Cavium networking hardware may contain NSA backdoor19/09/23
722Show HN: HyperDX – open-source dev-friendly Datadog alternative18/09/23
527Apple’s new Transformer-powered predictive text model17/09/23
660Tracking Austrian grocery prices by scraping store sites16/09/23
1024My favourite API is a zipfile on the European Central Bank's website15/09/23
1576The Tyranny of the Marginal User14/09/23
1020Bug in macOS 14 Sonoma prevents our app from working13/09/23
955Fine-tune your own Llama 2 to replace GPT-3.5/412/09/23
932UK air traffic control meltdown11/09/23
679Nginx Unit – Universal web app server10/09/23
740Asking 60 LLMs a set of 20 questions09/09/23
1089Bun v1.0.008/09/23
1446NSO group iPhone zero-click, zero-day exploit captured in the wild07/09/23
1392Is this Duplo train track under too much tension?06/09/23
3387Ask HN: I’m an FCC Commissioner proposing regulation of IoT security updates05/09/23
510Writing a C compiler in 500 lines of Python04/09/23
686The boiling frog of digital freedom03/09/23
1545The worst programmer I know02/09/23
1401Organic Maps01/09/23
725CT scans of coffee-making equipment31/08/23
815Show HN: I automated half of my typing30/08/23
1460ISPs should not police online speech no matter how awful it is29/08/23
860ChatGPT Enterprise28/08/23
1198Block YouTube ads on AppleTV by decrypting and stripping ads from Profobuf27/08/23
832E-ink is so Retropunk26/08/23
1711OpenTF announces fork of Terraform25/08/23
970Code Llama, a state-of-the-art large language model for coding24/08/23
1942Chandrayaan-3 Soft-landing [video]23/08/23
1569The first conformant M1 GPU driver22/08/23
919We’re all just temporarily abled21/08/23
865Kris Nóva has died20/08/23
501Amsterdam to use “noise cameras” against too loud cars19/08/23
946Ask vs. Guess Culture18/08/23
629How to communicate when trust is low without digging yourself into a deeper hole17/08/23
629StarLite 12.5-inch Linux tablet17/08/23
2145LK-99 isn’t a superconductor16/08/23
954We reduced the cost of building Mastodon at Twitter-scale by 100x15/08/23
854Show HN: LLMs can generate valid JSON 100% of the time14/08/23
891Azure ChatGPT: Private and secure ChatGPT for internal enterprise use13/08/23
573The Carrot Problem12/08/23
857Firefox desktop extensions coming soon for the upcoming Android release11/08/23
1268Vim Boss10/08/23
1337I'm 17 and wrote this guide on how CPUs run programs09/08/23
1328Downfall Attacks08/08/23
787I would rather see my books get pirated than this07/08/23
1581Zoom terms now allow training AI on user content with no opt out06/08/23
4310Bram Moolenaar has died05/08/23
2408Successful room temperature ambient-pressure magnetic levitation of LK-9904/08/23
1074A list of recent hostile moves by Google's Chrome team03/08/23
968I'm betting on HTML02/08/23
1215A room-temperature superconductor? New developments01/08/23
573Ask HN: Is anyone using PyPy for real work?31/07/23
727Show HN: San Francisco Compute – 512 H100s at <$2/hr for research and startups30/07/23
608If we want a shift to walking we need to prioritize dignity29/07/23
720Cap'n Proto 1.028/07/23
831Tesla created secret team to suppress thousands of driving range complaints27/07/23
1376Google is already pushing WEI into Chromium26/07/23
1690The first room-temperature ambient-pressure superconductor?25/07/23
816Man found guilty of child porn because he ran a Tor exit node23/07/23
913I am dying of squamous cell carcinoma, and potential treatments are out of reach22/07/23
718I have written a JVM in Rust21/07/23
1495Apple says it'll remove iMessage and FaceTime in UK rather than break encryption20/07/23
3699Kevin Mitnick has died19/07/23
2268Llama 218/07/23
699A Firefox-only minimap (2021)17/07/23
577Discord is not documentation16/07/23
1352Every time you click this link, it will send you to a random Web 1.0 website15/07/23
529Internet Archive expands Flash support14/07/23
703Disney, Netflix, and more are fighting FTC's 'click to cancel' proposal13/07/23
869Kelly Rowland couldn't have used the =HYPERLINK() function to message Nelly11/07/23
1028Firefox address bar10/07/23
659Don't Take VC Funding – It Will Destroy Your Company09/07/23
1102When an app asks for permissions, it should have a “feed fake data” option08/07/23
810Excellence is a habit, but so is failure07/07/23
1025Tell HN: Nearly all of Evernote’s remaining staff has been laid off06/07/23
937Show HN: Hacker News user blogroll05/07/23
688Sao Paulo: A city with no outdoor advertisements (2013)04/07/23
1045Threads, an Instagram app03/07/23
970First 'tooth regrowth' medicine moves toward clinical trials in Japan02/07/23
1396Twitter Is DDOSing Itself01/07/23
1285Twitter now requires an account to view tweets30/06/23
959Supreme Court strikes down affirmative action in college admissions29/06/23
643We raised a bunch of money28/06/23
2039macOS command-line tools you might not know about27/06/23
914Google has a secret browser hidden inside the settings26/06/23
1744Everything that uses configuration files should report where they're located25/06/23
1096Try: run a command and inspect its effects before changing your live system24/06/23
1572The rule says, “No vehicles in the park”23/06/23
923French govt. says users of uBlock Origin, Signal etc. are potential terrorists22/06/23
685Maps distort how we see the world21/06/23
665Codespaces but open-source, client-only, and unopinionated20/06/23
825PostgreSQL reconsiders its process-based model19/06/23
946Imaginary problems are the root of bad software18/06/23
474The Secret Sauce behind 100K context window in LLMs: all tricks in one place17/06/23
1776Reddit is removing moderators that protest by taking their communities private16/06/23
981My 24 year old HP Jornada can do things an iPhone still can't do15/06/23
817I booted Linux 293k times in 21 hours14/06/23
878McDonald's just dropped a brand new Game Boy game13/06/23
1943Show HN: Non.io, a Reddit-like platform Ive been working on for the last 4 years12/06/23
1997Reddit Strike Has Started11/06/23
706Inside the Wuhan lab weeks before Covid10/06/23
556June 2023 Data Dump is missing09/06/23
3421Apollo will close down on June 30th08/06/23
827Windows 11 calls a zip file a 'postcode file' in UK English07/06/23
1108Reddit’s plan to kill third-party apps sparks widespread protests06/06/23
2608Apple Vision Pro: Apple’s first spatial computer05/06/23
736DreamBerd is a perfect programming language04/06/23
670Fq: Jq for Binary Formats03/06/23
728Brute.Fail: Watch brute force attacks fail in real time02/06/23
638Learn x86-64 assembly by writing a GUI from scratch (2020)01/06/23
1984Had a call with Reddit to discuss pricing31/05/23
1050Federal judge: Border searches of cell phones require a warrant30/05/23
976Let us serve you, but don't bring us down29/05/23
861Why I Left Rust28/05/23
735Tarkovsky's films online for free27/05/23
709Paper Airplane Designs26/05/23
941Everything you always wanted to know about mathematics (2013) [pdf]25/05/23
1153PyPI Was Subpoenaed24/05/23
617Apple announces multibillion deal with Broadcom to make components in the USA23/05/23
1360Memory Allocation22/05/23
538Writing Python like it's Rust21/05/23
927Don Knuth plays with ChatGPT20/05/23
783Orb Farm19/05/23
736What happened with ASUS routers this morning?18/05/23
731Show HN: Beepberry – a portable e-paper computer for hackers17/05/23
914Sam Altman goes before US Congress to propose licenses for building AI16/05/23
856IRS tests free e-filing system that could compete with tax prep giants15/05/23
1176Get started making music14/05/23
662HP disables customers’ printers if they use ink cartridges from cheaper rivals13/05/23
910GitHub Copilot Chat Leaked Prompt12/05/23
1166Show HN: Boring Report, a news app that uses AI to desensationalize the news11/05/23
1341See this page fetch itself, byte by byte, over TLS10/05/23
688Apple brings Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro to iPad09/05/23
688Language models can explain neurons in language models09/05/23
588Ink: React for interactive command-line apps08/05/23
773macOS Internals07/05/23
658Intel OEM Private Key Leak: A Blow to UEFI Secure Boot Security06/05/23
836Htmx Is the Future05/05/23
2455Google “We have no moat, and neither does OpenAI”04/05/23
1026It's A(door)able03/05/23
834Eye Candy02/05/23
1008Geoffrey Hinton leaves Google and warns of danger ahead01/05/23
913Whistleblowers are the conscience of society, yet suffer gravely30/04/23
741Remove “This incident will be reported.” from user warnings29/04/23
673Check if your IKEA chair is compatible with your screen28/04/23
1901Ask HN: Most interesting tech you built for just yourself?27/04/23
1322Automakers are starting to admit that drivers hate touchscreens26/04/23
1077Smartphones with Qualcomm chip secretly send personal data to Qualcomm25/04/23
743Ways to shoot yourself in the foot with Postgres24/04/23
473YouTube, the jewel of the internet23/04/23
657The “Build Your Own Database” book is finished22/04/23
1264The EARN IT bill is back, seeking to scan our messages and photos21/04/23
955SpaceX Starship rocket explodes minutes after launch from Texas20/04/23
1502StableLM: A new open-source language model19/04/23
1143Load Balancing16/04/23
671Why does a plastic-wrapped turkey sandwich cost $15 at the NYC airport?15/04/23
654Largest island in a lake on an island in a lake on an island (2007)14/04/23
1378The early days of Linux13/04/23
1401Show HN: GPT-4-powered web searches for developers12/04/23
1163Microsoft fixes 5-year-old Defender bug, reducing Firefox-related CPU use by 75%10/04/23
791The LLama Effect: Leak Sparked a Series of Open Source Alternatives to ChatGPT09/04/23
949New Orleans teenagers found a new proof of the Pythagorean Theorem08/04/23
957Ask Wirecutter: Can you recommend a not-smart TV for me?07/04/23
1790If we lose the Internet Archive, we’re screwed06/04/23
2090Remembering Bob Lee05/04/23
875How to be a -10x Engineer04/04/23
1182The Mullvad Browser03/04/23
1146The day Windows died02/04/23
440His software sang the words of God, then it went silent01/04/23
1700Twitter's Recommendation Algorithm31/03/23
956Scratch is the world’s largest coding community for children30/03/23
992The age of average29/03/23
1725Windows needs to stop showing tabloid news27/03/23
710Jacob Ziv has died26/03/23
2594Gordon Moore has died25/03/23
1265We updated our RSA SSH host key24/03/23
1875ChatGPT Plugins23/03/23
1096GitHub Copilot X – Sign up for technical preview22/03/23
1102So you've installed `fzf` – now what?21/03/23
1018Cyclists now outnumber motorists in City of London20/03/23
923Build full “product skills” and you'll probably be fine19/03/23
722More students are turning away from college and toward apprenticeships18/03/23
746Give babies peanut butter to cut peanut allergies, study says17/03/23
748Introducing react.dev16/03/23
1556Docker is deleting Open Source organisations - what you need to know15/03/23
927Launch HN: Electric Air (YC W23) – Heat pump sold directly to homeowners13/03/23
1699Joint statement by the Department of the Treasury, Federal Reserve, and FDIC12/03/23
1024Samsung “space zoom” moon shots are fake, and here is the proof11/03/23
3172FDIC Takes over Silicon Valley Bank10/03/23
662The Quest for Netflix on Asahi Linux09/03/23
662Load 'em up and throw 'em under the bus09/03/23
823Lisp-powered laptop with a battery life measured in years08/03/23
720Hardware microphone disconnect (2021)07/03/23
1226Reliability: It’s not great06/03/23
6713dfx: So powerful it’s kind of ridiculous05/03/23
685Could we make the web more immersive using a simple optical illusion?04/03/23
909Facebook LLAMA is being openly distributed via torrents03/03/23
981Banning words won’t make the world more just02/03/23
1623OpenAI is now everything it promised not to be: closed-source and for-profit01/03/23
1118Jailbreak Chat: A collection of ChatGPT jailbreaks28/02/23
780The Camera-Shy Hoodie27/02/23
983Lab leak most likely origin of Covid-19 pandemic, U.S. agency now says26/02/23
1792Nokia launches DIY repairable budget Android phone25/02/23
563Justice Department says Google destroyed evidence related to antitrust lawsuit24/02/23
1044Reverse engineering a mysterious UDP stream in my hotel (2016)23/02/23
1142Social media is a cause, not a correlate, of mental illness in teen girls22/02/23
849Let's build a Chrome extension that steals as much data as possible21/02/23
712Show HN: Turn your Pandas dataframe into a Tableau-style UI for visual analysis20/02/23
566Self hosting in 202319/02/23
1033TabFS – a browser extension that mounts the browser tabs as a filesystem18/02/23
791First UK child to receive gene therapy for fatal genetic disorder is now healthy17/02/23
866Web Push for Web Apps on iOS and iPadOS16/02/23
3363Bing: “I will not harm you unless you harm me first”15/02/23
1090What is ChatGPT doing and why does it work?14/02/23
1072Bing AI can't be trusted13/02/23
703Multi-Account Containers12/02/23
696A Heisenbug lurking in async Python11/02/23
708“Open source” seeds loosen Big Ag’s grip on farmers10/02/23
1563A GPT in 60 Lines of NumPy09/02/23
741Twitter restricted in Turkey in aftermath of earthquake08/02/23
879Big data is dead07/02/23
1978Visual design rules you can safely follow06/02/23
747Stable Attribution05/02/23
713Open Assistant – project meant to give everyone access to a great chat based LLM04/02/23
1310Tell HN: Firefox Is an awesome browser right now03/02/23
1512Stop the proposal on mass surveillance of the EU02/02/23
1544Easter egg in flight path of last 747 delivery flight01/02/23
886Builder's Remedy goes into effect in many California cities tomorrow31/01/23
717Automerge 2.030/01/23
994The window trick of Las Vegas hotels29/01/23
1182Forking Chrome to render in a terminal27/01/23
1029Digitec Galaxus now displays warranty score and return rate26/01/23
888Macroeconomic changes have made it impossible for me to want to pay you25/01/23
1042Tell HN: Thank you for being fast, almost ad-free and text-only24/01/23
693Is tipping getting out of control? Many consumers say yes23/01/23
1098Show HN: New AI edits images based on text instructions22/01/23
713Buy hi-resolution satellite images of any place on earth21/01/23
1479Google to reduce workforce by 12k20/01/23
1028How to own an airline in 3 easy steps and grab the TSA nofly list along the way19/01/23
629Someone stole my car and now I own hundreds of vinyl records18/01/23
1110Let's build GPT: from scratch, in code, spelled out by Andrej Karpathy [video]17/01/23
1717A cab ride I'll never forget (1999)16/01/23
723The Shit Show15/01/23
565YouTube Addiction14/01/23
760Ask HN: Do you hate software engineering but love programming?13/01/23
764The James Webb Space Telescope is finding too many early galaxies12/01/23
1149Pirate Weather: A free, open, and documented forecast API10/01/23
926Gail.com FAQ09/01/23
917CDC File Transfer08/01/23
776Production Twitter on one machine? 100Gbps NICs and NVMe are fast07/01/23
834Omg.lol – A lovable web page and email address06/01/23
992How do I draw a pair of buttocks? (2014)05/01/23
1092Microsoft is preparing to add ChatGPT to Bing04/01/23
1073Modules, not microservices03/01/23
2015My Youtube earnings02/01/23
685Conversation skills essentials01/01/23
1211Draw SVG rope using JavaScript31/12/22
430PRQL: a simple, powerful, pipelined SQL replacement30/12/22
806Golang disables Nagle's Algorithm by default29/12/22
1012Hard truths I learned when I got laid off from my SWE job28/12/22
651US Government demands direct police access to European biometric data [pdf]27/12/22
800How to Befriend Crows26/12/22
617“Nobody cares about your blog”25/12/22
1659Merry Christmas, HN24/12/22
1452Thanks Dang, Happy Holidays23/12/22
774Serverless Video Transcription inspired by Cyberpunk 207722/12/22
1290Show HN: Portable Secret – How I store my secrets and communicate privately21/12/22
1380Show HN: Obsidian Canvas – An infinite space for your ideas20/12/22
1127Ask HN: Has anyone here turned around their life in their 40s?19/12/22
1790Twitter suspends pg's account [fixed]18/12/22
1875John Carmack Leaves Meta17/12/22
1109Twitter applies 7-day suspension to half a dozen journalists16/12/22
2421Riffusion – Stable Diffusion fine-tuned to generate music15/12/22
1417ElonJet Is Now Suspended14/12/22
2786US Department of Energy: Fusion Ignition Achieved13/12/22
1308SBF Arrested by Bahamian Authorities12/12/22
1065Fusion energy breakthrough by Livermore Lab11/12/22
707Just use Postgres for everything10/12/22
860Ask HN: Developer abused “sign in with GitHub”?09/12/22
989I liberate the ending to Minecraft from Microsoft and give it to you08/12/22
1587Apple introduces end-to-end encryption for backups07/12/22
747Dwarf Fortress’ graphical upgrade provides a new way into a wildly wonky game06/12/22
945Mac OS 905/12/22
640Apple to move 40-45% iPhone production to India04/12/22
2029Building a Virtual Machine Inside ChatGPT03/12/22
1309People tricking ChatGPT “like watching an Asimov novel come to life”02/12/22
939Apple blocks Coinbase Wallet01/12/22
1149Show HN: Trading cards made with e-ink displays30/11/22
1014Tales of the M1 GPU29/11/22
1076Intentionally making close friends28/11/22
839Front end developers: stop moving things that I’m about to click on27/11/22
676Show HN: Using stylometry to find HN users with alternate accounts26/11/22
651Ask HN: Azure has run out of compute – anyone else affected?25/11/22
1373maps.google.com now redirects to google.com/maps24/11/22
1009Why Twitter didn’t go down: From a real Twitter SRE22/11/22
755CVE-2022-41924 – tailscaled can be used to remotely execute code on Windows21/11/22
1083Kite is saying farewell and open-sourcing its code20/11/22
794Investigating why Steam started picking a random font19/11/22
1516Fred Brooks has died18/11/22
1017Apple Rankings17/11/22
913Two weeks of dealing with Google as a developer16/11/22
926Sapling: A new source control system with Git-compatible client15/11/22
804Ask HN: Do you recall any book or course that made a topic finally click?14/11/22
632Show HN: I built my own PM tool after trying Trello, Asana, ClickUp, etc.13/11/22
564What if regular exercise is the best cognitive exercise?12/11/22
1592Accidental Google Pixel Lock Screen Bypass10/11/22
2048Meta lays off 11,000 people09/11/22
1346Ntfy.sh – Send push notifications to your phone via PUT/POST08/11/22
1303Monumental (if correct) advance in number theory posted to ArXiv by Yitang Zhang07/11/22
982Ask HN: Comment here about whatever you're passionate about at the moment06/11/22
957Tell HN: A hacker's life is in danger, your awareness may be life saving05/11/22
1039Twitter’s mass layoffs have begun04/11/22
1175Ex-Reddit CEO on Twitter moderation03/11/22
794American society is so focused on race that it is blind to class02/11/22
767NASA finds super-emitters of methane01/11/22
1207Nascar driver stuns to qualify for championship with GameCube move31/10/22
646Find your Twitter friends on Mastodon30/10/22
1252Kathleen Booth, the inventor of assembly language, has died29/10/22
898Elon Musk owns Twitter: The story so far28/10/22
1752Show HN: I 3D scanned the interior of the Great Pyramid at Giza27/10/22
707I Fell 15,000 Feet and Lived (2009)26/10/22
1482My dad's resume and skills from 198025/10/22
1276I help seniors with technology issues24/10/22
760A chill driving game with procedurally generate scenic landscapes23/10/22
488Amsterdam looks incredibly realistic in the new Call of Duty22/10/22
758Show HN: Restfox – Open source lightweight alternative to Postman21/10/22
902The HTTP crash course nobody asked for20/10/22
727NASA’s Webb takes star-filled portrait of Pillars of Creation19/10/22
1847GitHub Copi­lot inves­ti­ga­tion17/10/22
914GitHub Copilot, with “public code” blocked, emits my copyrighted code16/10/22
663Show HN: America – Road Trip Simulator15/10/22
780Low Earth Orbit Visualization14/10/22
1329Obsidian 1.0 – Personal knowledge base app13/10/22
593Removing SMS support from Signal Android (soon)12/10/22
696Private Prisons Are Behind the Push for Homeless Criminalization11/10/22
780Improving Firefox Responsiveness on macOS10/10/22
575Dutch employee fired by U.S. firm for shutting off webcam awarded €75K in court09/10/22
608Leap: Neovim’s Answer to the Mouse08/10/22
882Gmail 2FA causes the homeless to permanently lose access 3 times a year07/10/22
787Granting Pardon for the Offense of Simple Possession of Marijuana06/10/22
800Imagen Video: high definition video generation with diffusion models05/10/22
1120How fateful?04/10/22
887Postgres WASM03/10/22
724Stadia died because no one trusts Google02/10/22
619Companies are paying huge sums to show their ads to bots01/10/22
790Select * from cloud30/09/22
2090Google is shutting down Stadia29/09/22
713ButtFish – Transmit Morse Code of chess moves to your butt28/09/22
2244Someone is pretending to be me27/09/22
936Outdated vs. Complete: In defense of apps that don’t need updates26/09/22
1514Someday aliens will land and all will be fine until we explain our calendar25/09/22
642Mozilla reaffirms that Firefox will continue to support current content blockers24/09/22
766Avoiding homework with code and getting caught22/09/22
1705Whisper – open source speech recognition by OpenAI21/09/22
852Tell HN: Somebody implemented something I wrote a blog about20/09/22
9792-in-1 calculator app adds up to surprise hit for retired engineer19/09/22
1859Show HN: I may have created a new type of puzzle18/09/22
555Cppfront, Herb Sutter's proposal for a new C++ syntax17/09/22
810US border forces are seizing Americans' phone data and storing it for 15 years16/09/22
2348Adobe to acquire Figma for $20B15/09/22
955Patagonia founder gives away the company14/09/22
775FB feed is 98% suggested pages and barely any friends' posts13/09/22
1341Ladybird: A new cross-platform browser project12/09/22
799Atkinson Hyperlegible Font11/09/22
770Visual effects for the Indian blockbuster “RRR”10/09/22
955What's SAP, and why's it worth $163B? (2020)09/09/22
2827Queen Elizabeth II has died08/09/22
742Excuse me but why are you eating so many frogs07/09/22
967Bitwarden raises $100M06/09/22
750Why A4? – The Mathematical Beauty of Paper Size05/09/22
1887After self-hosting my email for twenty-three years I have thrown in the towel04/09/22
994Blocking Kiwifarms03/09/22
1335Show HN: I'm building an open-source Amazon02/09/22
1007Run Stable Diffusion on Your M1 Mac’s GPU01/09/22
723US Government Bans Export of Nvidia A100 and H100 GPUs to China and Russia31/08/22
14284.2 Gigabytes, Or: How to Draw Anything30/08/22
1444The Big [Censored] Theory29/08/22
576JSON Crack – Visualize JSON data into graphs28/08/22
685One kitchen, hundreds of internet restaurants27/08/22
687Slack’s free plan change is causing an exodus26/08/22
1044Guidance to make federally funded research freely available without delay25/08/22
1212Patent Trolls Inbound: Our First Lawsuit24/08/22
1463Design the next iPhone23/08/22
1313Tell HN: Google Cloud suspended our production projects at 1am on Saturday22/08/22
949A dad took photos of his toddler for a doctor – Google flagged him as a criminal21/08/22
618Brian Kernighan adds Unicode support to Awk20/08/22
594Resolving an unusual WiFi issue19/08/22
1131I spent a year designing a low profile, minimal mechanical keyboard18/08/22
1614Physical buttons outperform touchscreens in new cars, test finds17/08/22
634A little exercise each day improves muscles more than one big weekly workout16/08/22
672Twilio incident: What Signal users need to know15/08/22
659Declining quality of consumer-grade products – 2009 fridge compressor autopsy14/08/22
688I hacked my car13/08/22
446Arrest of suspected developer of Tornado Cash12/08/22
753A 17-year-old designed a novel synchronous reluctance motor11/08/22
1258Instagram can track anything you do on any website in their in-app browser10/08/22
807An incident impacting 5M accounts and private information on Twitter09/08/22
864To uncover a deepfake video call, ask the caller to turn sideways08/08/22
552Fake IMDB credits07/08/22
1297Cramming 'Papers, Please' onto Phones06/08/22
974NSA, NIST, and post-quantum crypto: my second lawsuit against the US government05/08/22
513Tell HN: I interviewed my dad before he died04/08/22
1070What’s the strangest thing you ever found in a book?03/08/22
1413Use one big server02/08/22
1082Librarian's Letter to Google Security01/08/22
560Google Timer is gone31/07/22
467ImHex – A Hex Editor30/07/22
924Map showing birthplaces of "notable people" around the world29/07/22
633AlphaFold reveals the structure of the protein universe28/07/22
667SQLite Internals: Pages and B-trees27/07/22
899Tesla remotely converts battery pack, cutting 1/3 of range26/07/22
850Emoji Kitchen25/07/22
1578Standard Ebooks24/07/22
692More invested in nuclear fusion in last 12 months than past decade23/07/22
880Cheap junk flooding Amazon has brand names like MOFFBUZW22/07/22
2051Ask HN: What are some cool but obscure data structures you know about?21/07/22
1098EU Digital Markets Act, aimed at Google, Apple, Amazon, approved20/07/22
1147Glassdoor not so anonymous19/07/22
746Tell HN: Internet Archive is facing a Big 4 Publishers lawsuit18/07/22
1180I've started using Firefox and can never go back to Chrome17/07/22
1017Scratch is a big deal16/07/22
421How I Experience the Web Today15/07/22
704Woman ‘dehumanised’ by viral TikTok filmed without her consent14/07/22
818Amazon admits giving police Ring camera footage without consent13/07/22
1636Compare Webb's Images to Hubble12/07/22
1136Deepest infrared image of universe11/07/22
965Uber broke laws, duped police and built lobbying operation, leak reveals10/07/22
1048I should have loved biology09/07/22
1324Notice of termination of Twitter merger agreement08/07/22
606Starlink Maritime07/07/22
1577Apple previews Lockdown Mode06/07/22
1431Bun: Fast JavaScript runtime, transpiler, and NPM client written in Zig05/07/22
542Kubernetes is a red flag signalling premature optimisation04/07/22
996Pirate Library Mirror: Preserving 7TB of books (that are not in Libgen)03/07/22
361Watching an acquirer ruin your company02/07/22
766How much health insurers pay for almost everything is about to go public01/07/22
769Coinbase is reportedly selling geolocation data to ICE30/06/22
536FCC commissioner wants TikTok removed from app stores over spying concerns29/06/22
811Thunderbird 10228/06/22
730Things to know about databases27/06/22
820Life is not short26/06/22
552My awakening moment about how smartphones fragment our attention span25/06/22
1765Supreme Court Overturns Roe vs. Wade24/06/22
942Italian watchdog bans use of Google Analytics23/06/22
1068The Grug Brained Developer22/06/22
863GitHub Copilot is generally available21/06/22
1474Contra Wirecutter on the IKEA air purifier20/06/22
704Webcams aren't good enough19/06/22
629Cold Showers18/06/22
815Show HN: A central bank simulator game with a realistic economic model17/06/22
1040Redbean 2.0 turned into more than a hobby project16/06/22
495Cheat sheet for if I'm gone15/06/22
1461Hertzbleed Attack14/06/22
1398The Floppotron 3.013/06/22
946DNS Toys11/06/22
1036“Code” 2nd Edition10/06/22
554Stop Interviewing with Leet Code09/06/22
1320Sunsetting Atom08/06/22
729I've locked myself out of my digital life07/06/22
855Tools for Better Thinking06/06/22
766GitHub user sends notification to 400k users05/06/22
1077Dear Spotify, can we just get a table of songs?04/06/22
723VSCodium – Free/Libre Open Source Software Binaries of VS Code03/06/22
1633Tell HN: I'm Afraid We're Shutting Down02/06/22
1157Show HN: A friend and I spent 6 years making a simulation game, finally released01/06/22
986So I took a corporation to arbitration31/05/22
914Dragonflydb – A modern replacement for Redis and Memcached30/05/22
563In praise of the humble Sheffield stand29/05/22
1840My students cheated... a lot28/05/22
592Knots 3D – Learn how to tie over 150 useful knots27/05/22
765SQLite 3 Fiddle26/05/22
1362FTC fines Twitter $150M for using 2FA phone numbers for ad targeting25/05/22
756YouTubeDrive: Store files as YouTube videos24/05/22
988Imagen, a text-to-image diffusion model23/05/22
479How This Ends22/05/22
703Lotus 1-2-3 For Linux21/05/22
1143“Amateur” programmer fought cancer with 50 Nvidia Geforce 1080Ti20/05/22
1680The new and upgraded Framework Laptop19/05/22
923I spent two years launching tiny projects18/05/22
1658I want an iPhone Mini-sized Android phone17/05/22
699Correctness and composability bugs in the Julia ecosystem16/05/22
538Modern JavaScript Tutorial15/05/22
597Shaped Charges – Sheet of copper going through 1ft of solid steel (2010) [video]14/05/22
965The Apple GPU and the impossible bug13/05/22
1032Twitter CEO fires two top executives, freezes hiring12/05/22
2410Nvidia releases open-source GPU kernel modules11/05/22
1097No Dislikes has officially ruined YouTube for me10/05/22
1353I'm all-in on server-side SQLite09/05/22
676PowerToys – open-source Windows utilities08/05/22
1069Apple's director of machine learning resigns due to return to office work07/05/22
1328Why do you waste so much time on the internet?06/05/22
1473Including “And. And. And. And. And.” in a Google doc causes it to crash05/05/22
4298Mechanical Watch04/05/22
531Kaketsugi – A technique for repairing holes or tears in fabric (2021) [video]03/05/22
461I won free load testing02/05/22
979How to professionally say01/05/22
616Internet Archive joins opposition to the “SMART Copyright Act”30/04/22
961Airbnb’s design to live and work anywhere29/04/22
1109Bits of advice I wish I had known28/04/22
1367Report: 90% of nurses considering leaving the profession in the next year27/04/22
1038Infinite Mac26/04/22
2498Twitter set to accept Musk's $43B offer – sources25/04/22
704No one expects young men to do anything and they are responding by doing nothing24/04/22
753My upgrade to 25 Gbit/s Fiber To The Home23/04/22
831Magic-trace – High-resolution traces of what a process is doing22/04/22
825Column – a chartered bank for developers21/04/22
566Changing std:sort at Google’s scale and beyond20/04/22
1019Framework Laptop Mainboard19/04/22
1040Web scraping is legal, US appeals court reaffirms18/04/22
893The best engineering interview question I've ever gotten17/04/22
752Zig self hosted compiler is now capable of building itself16/04/22
752Show HN: Slow Social, a social network built for friends, not influencers16/04/22
996When hiring developers, have the candidate read existing code15/04/22
2747Elon Musk makes $43B unsolicited bid to take Twitter private14/04/22
1232Inside the longest Atlassian outage13/04/22
760New(ish) command line tools12/04/22
1135Etsy Strike11/04/22
879Persepolis of ancient Persia rendered in WebGL09/04/22
848Dall-E 2 illustrations of Twitter bios08/04/22
790Canada to ban foreigners from buying homes07/04/22
1820Dall-E 206/04/22
1260One App – Two Worlds: This Is TikTok in Russia and Ukraine05/04/22
651Due to failure in the IT system, it is not possible to run any trains today03/04/22
711Ask HN: When did 7 interviews become “normal”?02/04/22
1501A few things to know before stealing my 91401/04/22
969The smallest and worst HDMI display31/03/22
997Google terminated our Developer Account, says it is “associated”30/03/22
1552FTC sues Intuit for its deceptive TurboTax “free” filing campaign29/03/22
1191Reinstating our SAT/ACT requirement for future admissions cycles28/03/22
792Show HN: I'm writing a free book called Computer Networks from Scratch27/03/22
1199Mourning loss as a remote team26/03/22
811I built a receipt printer for GitHub issues25/03/22
878The end of the nice GTK button24/03/22
1718But life had other plans23/03/22
1158Hackers claim to have breached Okta systems22/03/22
1284Please put units in names21/03/22
1194Windows needs a change in priorities20/03/22
654Show HN: A game that tests how well you know your local area19/03/22
840First images from James Webb telescope exceed expectations18/03/22
768Zotero 617/03/22
684How our free plan stays free16/03/22
2191US Senate votes unanimously to make daylight savings time permanent15/03/22
848Why is it hard to buy things that work well?14/03/22
1099EU to make it mandatory to use customer-replaceable batteries in household items13/03/22
801Teaching is a slow process of becoming everything you hate12/03/22
990Earn-IT threatens encryption and therefore user freedom11/03/22
574DuckDuckGo “down-rank sites associated with Russian disinformation”10/03/22
1926Pockit: A tiny, powerful, modular computer [video]09/03/22
1168Apple M1 Ultra08/03/22
775The campaign to shut down YouTube-dl continues07/03/22
905My lizard brain is no match for infinite scroll06/03/22
607GE won’t let me use convection roast on my new oven without connecting to WiFi05/03/22
978Fire extinguished at Ukraine nuclear power plant, Europe's largest04/03/22
665My Stripe Tax Story03/03/22
1044Google mandates workers back to Silicon Valley, other offices from April 402/03/22
1135Show HN: I made a web game called Almost Pong01/03/22
1735Namecheap: Russia Service Termination28/02/22
568Lambda Calculus in 400 Bytes27/02/22
477'50% of transactions were fraudulent' when Steam accepted Bitcoin for payments26/02/22
1095Tell HN: YouTube is banning accounts that support Ukraine25/02/22
2278Russian forces invade Ukraine after Putin orders attack24/02/22
626I shaved 187MB off United Airlines' 439MB iOS app23/02/22
1256Things you notice when you quit the news (2016)22/02/22
1384Google Tag Manager, the new anti-adblock weapon (2020)21/02/22
659Show HN: Test your shape rotation skills20/02/22
1061Tell HN: YouTube and how my wife lost 7 years of work19/02/22
1450Happy 15th birthday Hacker News18/02/22
3636Google Search Is Dying15/02/22
1211City Generator14/02/22
853What does it mean to listen on a port?13/02/22
570Discord is a black hole for information12/02/22
736Key senators have voted for the anti-encryption EARN IT act11/02/22
1172Use of Google Analytics declared illegal by French data protection authority10/02/22
1128Major breakthrough on nuclear fusion energy09/02/22
1000Heuristics that almost always work08/02/22
1241Show HN: SHA-256 explained step-by-step visually07/02/22
1094Ask HN: How do you deal with getting old and feeling lost?06/02/22
1607Adobe tricks users into a 12 month contract05/02/22
986Poll: Where do you live?04/02/22
1749Facebook loses users for the first time03/02/22
947Google to turn on activity tracking for many users who turned it off02/02/22
790Career advice nobody gave me: Never ignore a recruiter01/02/22
1049Moderna’s HIV vaccine has officially begun human trials31/01/22
1016Royal Society cautions against censorship of scientific misinformation online30/01/22
896Don't you lecture me with your thirty dollar website29/01/22
1141I won the local election, but my township ignored the results and state law28/01/22
656I read the federal government’s Zero-Trust Memo so you don’t have to27/01/22
927AirPods don't “just work”26/01/22
1165Bolt founder on Stripe/YC25/01/22
1398I got pwned by my cloud costs24/01/22
1508Ask HN: Gmail account security23/01/22
740I built a system that takes pictures of all the airplanes that fly over my house22/01/22
1168Open-Sourcing our Firmware21/01/22
687Roblox October Outage Postmortem20/01/22
6811Password Has Raised $620M19/01/22
799The curious case of the Raspberry Pi in the network closet (2019)17/01/22
471Statistical Rethinking (2022 Edition)16/01/22
1079Essence: Desktop operating system built from scratch15/01/22
814PayPal faces lawsuit for freezing customer accounts and funds14/01/22
1241Show HN: Looptap – A minimal game to waste your time13/01/22
690Apple execs: Let's take a 30% cut of Uber and Lyft's membership programs (2018)12/01/22
1075CSS Gradients that avoid the “gray dead zone”11/01/22
939New Year, New CEO10/01/22
1142Upwork asking me for a $12.5k refund as the client was using someone else’s card09/01/22
1384James Webb is fully deployed08/01/22
3393My First Impressions of Web307/01/22
805What the world will be like in a hundred years (1922)06/01/22
766We handle 80TB and 5M page views a month for under $40005/01/22
1712Elizabeth Holmes found guilty04/01/22
592Search engines and SEO spam03/01/22
2813Google no longer producing high quality search results in significant categories02/01/22
780Boeing 777 departing Dubai nearly had a major incident after takeoff01/01/22
617A single line of code made a 24-core server slower than a laptop31/12/21
756The gift of it's your problem now30/12/21
540FAA investigating controversial crash video29/12/21
1222“Play-to-Earn” and Bullshit Jobs28/12/21
877Ask HN: How did my LastPass master password get leaked?27/12/21
632Anti-mimetic tactics for living a counter-cultural life26/12/21
1326Microsoft forked MIT licensed repo and changed the copyright [fixed]25/12/21
1139Wish HN: Happy Holidays24/12/21
782Ask HN: Those making $500/month on side projects in 2021 – Show and tell23/12/21
863Tell HN: AWS appears to be down again22/12/21
614Hidden Networks in TP-Link Routers21/12/21
2244Stealth bomber in flight on Google Maps20/12/21
604Bottles: GUI front end to run Windows software on Linux19/12/21
760Internet addiction and the habit of book reading18/12/21
1599Open letter from the BMJ to Mark Zuckerberg17/12/21
1665Ask HN: Are most of us developers lying about how much work we do?16/12/21
1005A deep dive into an NSO zero-click iMessage exploit: Remote Code Execution15/12/21
1511I started a paper website business14/12/21
876Toyota owners have to pay $8/month to keep using their key fob for remote start13/12/21
1225This website has 81% battery power remaining12/12/21
571PSA: uBlock/AdBlocks on Chrome to lose function thanks to Manifestv311/12/21
737Sleep technique used by Salvador Dalí works10/12/21
1385Log4j RCE Found09/12/21
1209Apple CEO Tim Cook 'secretly' signed $275B deal with China in 201608/12/21
1658AWS us-east-1 outage07/12/21
1094CT scans of AirPods evolution06/12/21
985Apple broke up with me05/12/21
503Apache Guacamole04/12/21
1093U.S. State Department phones hacked with Israeli company spyware03/12/21
1475100 years of whatever this will be02/12/21
938This shouldn't have happened: A vulnerability postmortem01/12/21
1703Accepted and ghosted: interviewing for a leadership position at Stripe30/11/21
1692I resigned from Twitter29/11/21
786Proof of stake is incapable of producing a consensus28/11/21
442Ask HN: Software Engineer hitting 40: what's next?27/11/21
442Tell HN: GitHub is down again27/11/21
1128Einstein award going to Paul Ginsparg for creating arXiv.org26/11/21
1098Tell HN: Happy Thanksgiving Everyone25/11/21
1057QOI: Lossless Image Compression in O(n) Time24/11/21
1122Apple sues NSO Group to curb the abuse of state-sponsored spyware23/11/21
914Rust Moderation Team Resigns22/11/21
628Only 90s web developers remember this (2014)21/11/21
886Vertiwalk Vertical Walking20/11/21
693Show HN: Pony – a messenger for mindful correspondence19/11/21
812Spy camera detection using smartphone time-of-flight sensors18/11/21
3192“Click to subscribe, call to cancel” is illegal, FTC says17/11/21
774Individuals Matter16/11/21
662Blacksmith – Rowhammer bit flips on all DRAM devices today despite mitigations15/11/21
899The bullet effects in Terminator 2 weren’t CGI14/11/21
637Sign arbitrary data with your SSH keys13/11/21
876Show HN: Long Range E-Bike12/11/21
1356I'm “still afraid to use spaces in file names” years old11/11/21
1439Making the dislike count private across YouTube10/11/21
985Show HN: I'm 48 and finally learning how to be a game developer09/11/21
1631Use forums rather than Slack/Discord to support developer community08/11/21
1185What is AT&T doing at 1111340002?07/11/21
556Don’t be spooky06/11/21
1077Show HN: My wife is pregnant; naturally I made a baby-name app to prepare05/11/21
864An oral history of Bank Python04/11/21
1044Thank you, GitHub03/11/21
1130Google's infamous internal 2010 “I just want to serve 5TB” video now public02/11/21
654Report on Stablecoins [pdf]01/11/21
630Wacom drawing tablets track the name of every application that you open31/10/21
1031The metaverse is bullshit30/10/21
1286Grand jury subpoena for Signal user data, Central District of California29/10/21
126055 GiB/s FizzBuzz28/10/21
718New MacBook Pro has first ‘DIY-friendly’ battery replacement design since 201227/10/21
1184This word does not exist26/10/21
818The FBI's internal guide for getting data from AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon25/10/21
1417Google has a secret deal with FB called “Jedi Blue” that they knew was illegal24/10/21
812RSS is wonderful23/10/21
817John Carmack pushes out unlocked OS for defunct Oculus Go headset22/10/21
1859Willingness to look stupid21/10/21
826Overly analytical guide to escorting19/10/21
1657MacBook Pro 14-inch and MacBook Pro 16-inch18/10/21
624Obsidian – A knowledge base from a local folder of plain text Markdown files17/10/21
970Canon sued for disabling scanner when printers run out of ink16/10/21
841A viable solution for Python concurrency15/10/21
1300Governor vows criminal prosecution of reporter who found flaw in state website14/10/21
600Apple silently fixes iOS zero-day, asks bug reporter to keep quiet13/10/21
1912IoT hacking and rickrolling my high school district12/10/21
887Open Source Tractor11/10/21
544Understanding Python through its builtins10/10/21
938EU court rules no EULA can forbid decompilation, if you want to fix a bug09/10/21
1605Things I’ve learned in my 20 years as a software engineer08/10/21
748Mozilla to put ads in Firefox address bar suggestions07/10/21
1271Twitch source code and customer data has reportedly been leaked06/10/21
1143 Facebook Whistleblower Leaks Thousands of Pages of Incriminating Internal Docs05/10/21
2589Facebook-owned sites were down04/10/21
1312Pandora papers: biggest leak of offshore data exposes financial secrets of rich03/10/21
499Google destroyed our startup by terminating our Play Developer Account02/10/21
817NFT projects are just MLMs for tech elites01/10/21
950PostgreSQL 1430/09/21
1408YouTube is banning anti-vaccine activists and blocking all anti-vaccine content29/09/21
1040What it's like to spend 40-50 hours in VR every week28/09/21
741Something weird is happening on Facebook27/09/21
1002Moiré No More26/09/21
415The most impressive linguistic feat I’ve ever seen25/09/21
2049Disclosure of three 0-day iOS vulnerabilities24/09/21
744Google keeps records of everything you buy, even if you delete the email receipt23/09/21
1595Google Drive of historical footage locked and flagged as terrorist activity22/09/21
2666The Framework is the most exciting laptop I've used21/09/21
1359Show HN: 40k HN comments mentioning books, extracted using deep learning20/09/21
707Serving Netflix Video at 400Gb/s on FreeBSD [pdf]19/09/21
497Belgian ISP under 250 Gbps DDoS for days on end18/09/21
942Gitlab S-117/09/21
3441A search engine that favors text-heavy sites and punishes modern web design16/09/21
1003Apple blocked the FlickType Watch keyboard then announced a clone of it15/09/21
1069Facebook knows Instagram is toxic for teen girls, company documents show14/09/21
1193I refuse to let Amazon define Rust13/09/21
668Starbucks and TrustArc add fake cookie processing delay if you don't click agree12/09/21
788September 11, 2001 media synced in real-time11/09/21
1420Court issues permanent injunction in Epic vs. Apple case10/09/21
1314Tell HN: Thanks to thehodge and littlewarden.com, this site is up today09/09/21
915MIT-designed project achieves major advance toward fusion energy08/09/21
1070Show HN: Web browser to help programmers think clearly07/09/21
718Germany wants smartphone makers to offer 7 years of software updates06/09/21
1285Climate activist arrested after ProtonMail provided his IP address05/09/21
1236Delays aren’t good enough – Apple must abandon its surveillance plans04/09/21
1401Apple Delays Rollout of Child Safety Features03/09/21
1690O.mg Cable02/09/21
579Linux on the Framework Laptop01/09/21
1354Apple and Google must allow other in-app payment systems, Korean law declares31/08/21
1030China has forbidden under-18s from playing games for more than three hours/week30/08/21
1180Show HN: We built an end-to-end encrypted alternative to Google Photos29/08/21
675The real OnlyFans scandal is the unaccountable power of platforms and banks28/08/21
995Arm China Has Gone Rogue27/08/21
861The All-Seeing “i”: Apple Just Declared War on Your Privacy26/08/21
982Prettymaps: Small Python library to draw customized maps from OpenStreetMap data25/08/21
954Googlespeak – How Google limits thought about antitrust24/08/21
1137My mouse driver is asking for a firewall exemption (2019)23/08/21
763PAM Duress – Alternate passwords for panic situations22/08/21
643Google's Secret Initiative – “Project Hug”21/08/21
962Facebook hacker beat my 2FA, bricked my Oculus, and hit the company credit card20/08/21
1147OnlyFans to block sexually explicit videos starting in October19/08/21
1389Hash collision in Apple NeuralHash model18/08/21
1216Show HN: Imba – I have spent 7 years creating a programming language for the web17/08/21
1138Psst: Fast Spotify client with native GUI, without Electron, built in Rust16/08/21
586Introducing the PineNote15/08/21
596Asahi Linux for Apple M1 progress report, August 202114/08/21
853FOSS app removed from the Play Store for linking to the project's website13/08/21
1778Apple's child protection features spark concern within its own ranks: sources12/08/21
861GitHub’s engineering team has moved to Codespaces11/08/21
1007TikTok overtakes Facebook as most downloaded app10/08/21
1465Climate change: IPCC report is 'code red for humanity'09/08/21
1484One Bad Apple08/08/21
1082An open letter against Apple's new privacy-invasive client-side content scanning07/08/21
1187An Open Letter Against Apple's Privacy-Invasive Content Scanning Technology06/08/21
2260Apple's plan to “think different” about encryption opens a backdoor to your life05/08/21
743The surreal experience of my first developer job04/08/21
635NSA Kubernetes Hardening Guidance [pdf]03/08/21
967The rise of never-ending job interviews02/08/21
872New in Git: switch and restore01/08/21
686Faster CRDTs: An Adventure in Optimization31/07/21
908Who Owns My Name?30/07/21
1130How Dwarf Fortress is built29/07/21
533IPv4 pricing28/07/21
809Element raises $30M to boost Matrix27/07/21
743The Insecurity Industry26/07/21
674Anna Kiesenhofer: Mathematician, amateur cyclist, Olympic champion25/07/21
566Self hosting is important24/07/21
1502The Framework Laptop is now shipping23/07/21
521Migrating Facebook to MySQL 8.022/07/21
626The FTC Votes Unanimously to Enforce Right to Repair21/07/21
677Our lawsuit against ChessBase20/07/21
875Assange case: Key witness admits he lied19/07/21
843Looking Glass: Run a Windows VM on Linux in a window with native performance18/07/21
843An app for M1 Macs that plays the sound of a fan as CPU usage goes up18/07/21
405What Went Wrong?17/07/21
1330Google Drive bans distribution of “misleading content”16/07/21
2517Valve Steam Deck15/07/21
2075The unreasonable effectiveness of just showing up everyday14/07/21
763The worst volume control UI in the world (2017)13/07/21
907Tesla’s $16k Quote for a $700 Fix Is Why Right to Repair Matters12/07/21
987EU withheld a study that shows piracy doesn't hurt sales (2017)11/07/21
694“One Day Longer and Those 13 Boys Would Be Dead”10/07/21
1328NDA expired, let’s spill the beans on a weird startup09/07/21
1017All public GitHub code was used in training Copilot08/07/21
872Npm Audit: broken by design?07/07/21
938European Parliament approves mass surveillance of private communication06/07/21
509Show HN: RSS feeds for arbitrary websites using CSS selectors05/07/21
665Is Alexandra Elbakyan in real trouble this time?04/07/21
848I do not agree with Github's use of copyrighted code as training for Copilot03/07/21
1280Copilot regurgitating Quake code, including sweary comments02/07/21
701The most precious resource is agency01/07/21
2682A foreign seller has hijacked my Amazon Klein bottle listing30/06/21
2905GitHub Copilot29/06/21
1202The 'Fuck You' Pattern28/06/21
591Mumble: Open-Source, Low Latency, High Quality Voice Chat27/06/21
1278Reddit’s disrespectful design26/06/21
944User Inyerface – A worst-practice UI experiment25/06/21
1279WD My Book users wake up to find their data deleted24/06/21
2091John McAfee found dead in Spanish jail after court approves extradition to US23/06/21
1208A from-scratch tour of Bitcoin in Python22/06/21
881Japan's government plans to encourage 4-day workweek, but experts split21/06/21
962Hire-to-fire at Amazon India?20/06/21
711Massachusetts health notifications app installed without users’ knowledge19/06/21
73680% of orgs that paid the ransom were hit again18/06/21
1797I wrote a children's book / illustrated guide to Apache Kafka17/06/21
898Apple's iCloud+ “VPN”16/06/21
815Universities have formed a company that looks a lot like a patent troll15/06/21
1057Stripe Identity14/06/21
693Gooey: Turn almost any Python command line program into a GUI application13/06/21
841Do you really need Redis? How to get away with just PostgreSQL12/06/21
825ALiEn – a GPU-accelerated artificial life simulation program11/06/21
1241iOS 15 Humane10/06/21
671If you sell a house these days, the buyer might be a pension fund09/06/21
1255Fastly Outage08/06/21
4022Replit used legal threats to kill my open-source project07/06/21
1210Hundreds of fishing vessels vanishing along Argentina’s waters06/06/21
1047G7: Rich nations back deal to tax multinationals05/06/21
2339An Unbelievable Demo04/06/21
1426The lab-leak theory: inside the fight to uncover Covid-19’s origins03/06/21
2330Stack Overflow sold to Prosus for $1.8B02/06/21
1023Employees are quitting instead of giving up working from home01/06/21
623Wikipedia is swimming in money–why is it begging people to donate?31/05/21
1086Drunk Post: Things I've Learned as a Sr Engineer30/05/21
1189Trials begin on lozenge that rebuilds tooth enamel29/05/21
1644I quit my job to focus on SerenityOS full time28/05/21
877River Runner: drop a raindrop anywhere in the USA, watch where it ends up27/05/21
1067M1racles: An Apple M1 covert channel vulnerability26/05/21
988Stripe Payment Links25/05/21
670DOOM Captcha24/05/21
1331One man’s fight for the right to repair broken MacBooks23/05/21
602A new replication crisis: Research that is less likely to be true is cited more22/05/21
1436Sublime Text 421/05/21
976Extreme HTTP Performance Tuning20/05/21
1464A teenager's guide to avoiding actual work19/05/21
1661Ethereum will use around 99.95% less energy post merge18/05/21
1008Why is the Gaza Strip blurry on Google Maps?17/05/21
800Observing my cellphone switch towers16/05/21
1256Modern Javascript: Everything you missed over the last 10 years (2020)15/05/21
1204A URL Lengthener14/05/21
699Pentagon surveilling Americans without a warrant, Senator Wyden reveals13/05/21
1167Google Docs will now use canvas based rendering12/05/21
709Germany bans Facebook from handling WhatsApp data over privacy concerns11/05/21
611US passes emergency waiver over fuel pipeline cyber-attack10/05/21
1299The Animal Is Tired09/05/21
888I’ve had the same supper for 10 years08/05/21
589Rufus: Reliable USB Formatting Utility07/05/21
1016LiveLeak shuts down after 15 years online06/05/21
803ClearURLs – automatically remove tracking elements from URLs05/05/21
1235Instagram ads Facebook won't show you04/05/21
722Back in 1993, I was taking a number theory class03/05/21
1812Hosting SQLite databases on GitHub Pages or any static file hoster02/05/21
922Piano teacher gets copyright claim for Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata [video]01/05/21
2333Internal Combustion Engine30/04/21
1252Michael Collins, Apollo 11 astronaut, has died28/04/21
1194My Current HTML Boilerplate27/04/21
883Changes at Basecamp26/04/21
915Feynman: I am burned out and I'll never accomplish anything (1985)25/04/21
1414Dan Kaminsky has died24/04/21
1524Why Lichess will always be free23/04/21
931Stranded sailor allowed to leave abandoned ship after four years22/04/21
3025“They introduce kernel bugs on purpose”21/04/21
1109The Endless Acid Banger: algorithmic self-composing acid techno music20/04/21
797Microsoft says mandatory password changing is “ancient and obsolete” (2019)19/04/21
585Livebook: A collaborative and interactive code notebook for Elixir18/04/21
1245Thanks for the Bonus, I Quit17/04/21
658SpaceX wins contract to develop spacecraft to land astronauts on the moon16/04/21
1209Time flies in Google Earth’s biggest update in years15/04/21
1192Show HN: Lofi.cafe14/04/21
1875Just Be Rich13/04/21
817Adobe charges subscription cancellation fee12/04/21
559std::unique_ptr implementation backed by Ethereum NFTs11/04/21
546Everyone is still terrible at creating software at scale10/04/21
1595uBlock Origin works best on Firefox09/04/21
1330The architecture behind a one-person tech startup08/04/21
2022Ask HN: What tech job would let me get away with the least real work possible?07/04/21
1206I refused to become an FBI informant, the government put me on the no fly list06/04/21
4103Google’s copying of the Java SE API was fair use [pdf]05/04/21
742Show HN: PDFs from HTML04/04/21
1296533M Facebook users' phone numbers and personal data have been leaked online03/04/21
1558Microsoft Coffee02/04/21
534Latest EmDrive tests at Dresden University shows it does not develop any thrust01/04/21
787Inside a viral website31/03/21
1944Whistleblower: Ubiquiti Breach “Catastrophic”30/03/21
1248Moderna mRNA sequence released to GitHub [pdf]29/03/21
1005Female Founder Secrets: Men Clamming Up28/03/21
932Louvre makes its entire collection available online27/03/21
957Only Google is really allowed to crawl the web26/03/21
1453Is that ship still stuck?25/03/21
919Show HN: I wrote a book about Go24/03/21
1055Suez canal blocked by a massive ship23/03/21
1167Why the Wuhan lab leak theory shouldn't be dismissed22/03/21
844Richard Stallman is coming back to the board of the FSF21/03/21
1107Demoscene accepted as UNESCO cultural heritage in Germany20/03/21
905Manim – an animation engine for explanatory math videos18/03/21
3353GitHub, fuck your name change17/03/21
529We Don’t Use Docker16/03/21
1032Rockstar thanks GTA Online player who fixed load times, official update coming15/03/21
1012Dhcpcd Will Need a New Maintainer13/03/21
610Bitwarden Send - A trusted way to securely share information with anyone12/03/21
1683I bought 300 emoji domain names from Kazakhstan and built an email service11/03/21
1141Fire declared in OVH SBG2 datacentre building10/03/21
994I want a computer that I own09/03/21
1010“ISO obstructs adoption of standards by paywalling them”08/03/21
1461Remembering Allan McDonald, who refused to approve the Challenger launch07/03/21
752Dolt is Git for Data: a SQL database that you can fork, clone, branch, merge06/03/21
103830k U.S. organizations newly hacked via holes in Microsoft Exchange Server05/03/21
1683It Can Happen to You04/03/21
1032NASA's Perseverance rover sends stunning images03/03/21
1105Beyond Meat signs global supply deals with McDonald’s, KFC and Pizza Hut02/03/21
1215Are Xiaomi browsers spyware? Yes, they are (2020)01/03/21
3883How I cut GTA Online loading times by 70%28/02/21
603A Vim Guide for Advanced Users27/02/21
1998Show HN: Redbean – Single-file distributable web server26/02/21
2563The Framework Laptop25/02/21
1723My experience as a Gazan girl getting into Silicon Valley companies24/02/21
1527Total Cookie Protection23/02/21
1108Daft Punk Break Up22/02/21
603Choose Boring Technology (2015)21/02/21
1669Draw an iceberg and see how it would float in water20/02/21
1185Mars becomes the 2nd planet that has more computers running Linux than Windows19/02/21
1801Before buying a NYT subscription, here's what it'll take to cancel it18/02/21
825Why did I leave Google or, why did I stay so long?17/02/21
986What I Worked On16/02/21
471SolarWinds hack was 'largest and most sophisticated attack' ever: MSFT president15/02/21
866Statement on New York Times Article14/02/21
78950 Years Ago, Sugar Industry Quietly Paid Scientists to Blame Fat (2016)13/02/21
1168“I saw that you spun up an Ubuntu image in Azure”12/02/21
993Beej's Guide to Network Programming (1994-2020)11/02/21
1107Dependency Confusion: How I Hacked Into Apple, Microsoft and Other Companies10/02/21
1692Github1s – One second to read GitHub code with VS Code09/02/21
2023Terraria on Stadia cancelled after developer's Google account gets locked08/02/21
981Accused murderer wins right to check source code of DNA testing kit07/02/21
859Homebrew 3.005/02/21
1171Help users in Iran reconnect to Signal04/02/21
1033I Still Use RSS03/02/21
1941Email from Jeff Bezos to employees02/02/21
1337VideoLAN is 20 years old today01/02/21
1167CDC website built by Deloitte at a cost of $44M is abandoned due to bugs31/01/21
527My 90s TV: Browse 90s Television30/01/21
2009Element (Matrix chat app) suspended from the Google Play Store29/01/21
2706Robinhood is limiting purchases of stocks: AMC, Blackberry, Nokia, and GameStop28/01/21
1434The Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company27/01/21
1569Firefox 85 cracks down on supercookies26/01/21
911Time-lapse of a single cell transforming into a salamander (2019)25/01/21
1164Software engineering topics I changed my mind on24/01/21
472I bought 200 Raspberry Pi Model B’s and I’m going to fix them23/01/21
884Brad Cox has died22/01/21
2019Select a muscle and it provides the exercises to workout the selected muscle21/01/21
962Show HN: Beeper – All Your Chats in One App20/01/21
1461Amazon: Not OK – Why we had to change Elastic licensing19/01/21
851I wasted $40k on a fantastic startup idea18/01/21
571BitLocker Lockscreen Bypass17/01/21
1714Google Safe Browsing can kill a startup16/01/21
1364Thanks HN: You helped save a company that now helps thousands make a living15/01/21
804Apple removes first-party firewall exemption in macOS 11.2 beta 214/01/21
1149Signal community: Reminder: Please be nice13/01/21
1060How Silicon Valley destroyed Parler12/01/21
1245Stealing Your Private YouTube Videos, One Frame at a Time11/01/21
1505GNOME has no thumbnails in the file picker and my toilets are blocked10/01/21
661Pfizer vaccine appears effective against mutation in new coronavirus variants09/01/21
1961Permanent suspension of @realDonaldTrump08/01/21
1329No meetings, no deadlines, no full-time employees07/01/21
2254WhatsApp gives users an ultimatum: Share data with Facebook or stop using app06/01/21
1727GitHub is fully available in Iran05/01/21
1643A group of Google workers have announced plans to unionize04/01/21
1793Uber discovered they’d been defrauded out of 2/3 of their ad spend03/01/21
1444A half-hour to learn Rust02/01/21
1602My Experience at Apple01/01/21
986Happy New Year HN31/12/20
676Show HN: PSX Party – Online Multiplayer Playstation 1 Emulator Using WebRTC30/12/20
1218Do You Love Me? [video]29/12/20
599Cosmopolitan Libc: build-once run-anywhere C library28/12/20
1244Just Wanted to Say Thanks27/12/20
570Photocatalyst splits water into H and O2 at quantum efficiency near 100%26/12/20
779Ruby 3.025/12/20
527Snapdrop – AirDrop equivalent through a web browser using WebRTC24/12/20
1271Tips for a Better Life23/12/20
1073Hotwire: HTML over the Wire22/12/20
825Write code. Not too much. Mostly functions.21/12/20
826All problems stem from man's inability to sit quietly in a room alone (2014)20/12/20
690Being kind to others is good for your health19/12/20
1245Jetbrains founders turn billionaires without VC help18/12/20
2941No Cookie for You17/12/20
1000Firefox Was Always Enough16/12/20
657Facebook to move UK users to California terms, avoiding EU privacy rules15/12/20
2316Google outage – resolved14/12/20
869Goodreads plans to retire API access, disables existing API keys13/12/20
669I Hacked into Facebook's Legal Department Admin Panel12/12/20
827Advanced Compilers: Self-Guided Online Course11/12/20
752Facebook being investigated in Germany for tying Oculus use to Facebook accounts10/12/20
2132Cameras and Lenses09/12/20
996AirPods Max08/12/20
1307Zero-click, wormable, cross-platform remote code execution in Microsoft Teams07/12/20
717Linus Torvalds' good taste argument for linked lists, explained06/12/20
864Radicle: A peer-to-peer alternative to GitHub05/12/20
755Netscape and Sun Announce JavaScript (1995)04/12/20
918Stripe Treasury03/12/20
933Google illegally spied on workers before firing them, US labor board alleges02/12/20
1091Amazon EC2 Mac Instances01/12/20
1473AlphaFold: a solution to a 50-year-old grand challenge in biology30/11/20
726Show HN: I Rebuilt MySpace from 200729/11/20
1598Tony Hsieh has died28/11/20
2363Tell HN: Thank You Dang27/11/20
1080I spent eleven years working on this Line Rider track26/11/20
614macOS has checked app signatures online for over 2 years25/11/20
1049Email a Dumpster Fire24/11/20
878Zoomquilt (2004)23/11/20
1019Building Your Color Palette22/11/20
694Cover Your Tracks21/11/20
642Dev Fonts20/11/20
1215Beirut Port Explosion19/11/20
993DisneyMustPay Alan Dean Foster18/11/20
1025Servo’s new home17/11/20
2636YouTube-dl's repository has been restored16/11/20
556The True Size Of Countries: Mercator projection15/11/20
894Intel's disruption is now complete14/11/20
1514Your Computer Isn't Yours13/11/20
2603macOS unable to open any non-Apple application12/11/20
783An updated daily front page of The New York Times as artwork on your wall11/11/20
1616Zoom lied to users about end-to-end encryption for years, FTC says10/11/20
1887Covid vaccine: First ‘milestone’ vaccine offers 90% protection09/11/20
1530EU Draft Council Declaration Against Encryption [pdf]08/11/20
3089Biden wins White House, vowing new direction for divided U.S.07/11/20
701Helsinki Relocation Package: City as a Service06/11/20
1013GitHub Source Code Leak05/11/20
1181Disclosure: Unlimited Chase Ultimate Rewards Points04/11/20
624GitHub: Widespread Injection Vulnerabilities in Actions03/11/20
624A nameless hiker and the case the internet can’t crack03/11/20
2594Raspberry Pi 400 Desktop PC02/11/20
922New youtube-dl release: v2020.11.01.101/11/20
633Sean Connery has died31/10/20
603From McDonald's to Google30/10/20
1441My Resignation from the Intercept29/10/20
889Wikimedia is moving to Gitlab28/10/20
772RIAA’s YouTube-dl takedown ticks off developers and GitHub’s CEO27/10/20
1651How journalists use youtube-dl26/10/20
1098YouTube-dl is now part of GitHub/dmca.git25/10/20
1242I am an Uighur who faced China’s concentration camps24/10/20
4240YouTube-dl has received a DMCA takedown from RIAA23/10/20
845I reverse engineered McDonalds’ internal API22/10/20
1457Facebook Container for Firefox21/10/20
1572U.S. Accuses Google of Illegally Protecting Monopoly20/10/20
952This page is a truly naked, brutalist HTML quine19/10/20
1320Chrome exempts Google sites from user site data settings18/10/20
446We deleted the production database by accident17/10/20
1466AWS forked my project and launched it as its own service16/10/20
1262A warning about Glassdoor15/10/20
1235Room-Temperature Superconductivity Achieved for the First Time14/10/20
6142.1M of the oldest Usenet posts are now online for anyone to read13/10/20
575The Serverless Revolution Has Stalled12/10/20
707The AMD Radeon Graphics Driver Makes Up Roughly 10.5% of the Linux Kernel11/10/20
1512Apple tells Telegram to take down protestor channels in Belarus10/10/20
681ProtonMail CEO calls Apple's forced in-app purchases 'Mafia extortion'09/10/20
1454We Hacked Apple for 3 Months08/10/20
1392Show HN: I built a Rotten Tomatoes-style platform for durable products07/10/20
1589Show HN: I made a site where you practice typing by retyping entire novels06/10/20
1041Missing Covid-19 test data was caused by the ill-thought-out use of Excel05/10/20
714French bar owners arrested for offering free WiFi but not keeping logs04/10/20
777Honda quits F1, invests in carbon-free tech instead03/10/20
787One Guy Ruined Hacktoberfest 202002/10/20
1040My friend starts her job today, after learning to program in prison01/10/20
816DigitalOcean's Hacktoberfest Is Hurting Open Source30/09/20
2692Social Cooling (2017)29/09/20
1181CRDTs are the future28/09/20
976Someone has stolen my Instagram account27/09/20
865Ask HN: How to learn sales?26/09/20
865Firefox's JIT is getting significantly faster25/09/20
913Epic, Spotify, and Tinder form advocacy group to push for app store changes24/09/20
1624Firefox usage is down despite Mozilla's top exec pay going up23/09/20
1093Embedded PDF viewer in Firefox 81 supports filling forms22/09/20
1287I no longer build software21/09/20
1275On the Use of a Life20/09/20
484Precursor – A mobile, open source electronics platform19/09/20
1738Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died18/09/20
1666This electrical transmission tower has a problem17/09/20
2326When you browse Instagram and find Tony Abbott's passport number16/09/20
1336Chuck Feeney Is Now Officially Broke15/09/20
775Microsoft's underwater data centre resurfaces after two years14/09/20
2122Nvidia to Acquire Arm for $40B13/09/20
633Super Mario Bros. 3 in 3 Minutes – World Record Speedrun Explained [video]12/09/20
939Security by obscurity is underrated11/09/20
819Relativty – An open-source VR headset10/09/20
896The Long-Term Stock Exchange Opens for Business09/09/20
578Why I link to Wayback Machine instead of original web content08/09/20
1227BitTorrent v207/09/20
844Common color mistakes and how to avoid them06/09/20
780Show HN: Linux sysadmin course, eight years on05/09/20
710Reddit app got 50M downloads by making mobile web experience miserable04/09/20
749David Graeber has died03/09/20
1722Ninth Circuit rules NSA's bulk collection of Americans' call records was illegal02/09/20
900Airline pilots landing at LAX report “a guy in jetpack” flying alongside them01/09/20
648Supporting Linux kernel development in Rust31/08/20
914Level 3 Global Outage30/08/20
1600American Academy of Sleep Medicine calls for elimination of daylight saving time29/08/20
1313Google is apparently taking down all/most Fediverse apps from the Play Store28/08/20
1410ReMarkable 2.0 – A digital notebook that feels like paper27/08/20
1326Arwes – Futuristic Sci-Fi / Cyberpunk Graphical User Interface Framework26/08/20
1387Africa declared free of wild polio25/08/20
830Being OK with not being extraordinary24/08/20
699Persisting as a solo founder23/08/20
1257Degoogle: Cutting Google out of your life22/08/20
824Telegram messaging app proves crucial to Belarus protests21/08/20
884New academic journal only publishes 'unsurprising' research rejected by others20/08/20
1403Ask HN: Why is Reddit on mobile so obsessed with making me use their app?19/08/20
1858Facebook account now required to login to Oculus devices18/08/20
985I fear App Review is getting too powerful (2015) [pdf]17/08/20
716Amazon Liable for Defective Third-Party Products Rules CA Appellate Court16/08/20
721Kosmonaut: web browser from scratch in Rust15/08/20
1878Factorio 1.014/08/20
1704Apple just kicked Fortnite off the App Store13/08/20
1518Mozilla Lifeboat12/08/20
1602Mozilla lays off 250 employees while it refocuses on commercial products11/08/20
769Uber and Lyft ordered by California judge to classify drivers as employees10/08/20
792I want to have an AWS region where everything breaks with high frequency09/08/20
771Apple takes legal action against small company with pear logo08/08/20
734US to ban transactions with ByteDance and WeChat in 45 days07/08/20
1194Germany plans to dim lights at night to save insects06/08/20
1043Moved a server from one building to another with zero downtime05/08/20
868Show HN: I built an After Effects for dummies04/08/20
785A ride that takes 10^20k years to complete in Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 [video]03/08/20
1037Laws of UX02/08/20
967Unbricking a $2k bike with a $10 Raspberry Pi01/08/20
1106Nvidia is reportedly in ‘advanced talks’ to buy ARM for more than $32B31/07/20
1594Apple does not keep the 30% commission on a refund30/07/20
737Historical programming-language groups disappearing from Google28/07/20
550One hour of slow breathing changed my life27/07/20
841New ‘Meow’ attack has deleted almost 4k unsecured databases26/07/20
515LSD Chemist William Pickard to Be Released from Prison25/07/20
653Editorial board of Index and more than 70 staff members resign24/07/20
1125Amazon met with startups about investing, then launched competing products23/07/20
738Ask HN: Is all of FAANG like this?22/07/20
945Systems Design for Advanced Beginners21/07/20
972Turns out half the internet has a single-point-of-failure called “Cloudflare”20/07/20
562Fixing Mass Effect black blobs on modern AMD CPUs19/07/20
1079OpenAI's GPT-3 may be the biggest thing since Bitcoin18/07/20
926Cloudflare was down17/07/20
1074When your coworker does great work, tell their manager16/07/20
2595Hackers take over prominent Twitter accounts in simultaneous attack15/07/20
1963Grant Imahara Has Died14/07/20
880I Know What You Download on BitTorrent13/07/20
782Do not remain nameless to yourself (1966)12/07/20
816How to Understand Things11/07/20
787Don't close your MacBook with a cover over the camera10/07/20
1489U.S. Supreme Court deems half of Oklahoma a Native American reservation09/07/20
1106Linux Mint drops Ubuntu Snap packages08/07/20
1055Google offers free fabbing for 130nm open-source chips07/07/20
8851:60 scale Boeing 777 made from manila folders06/07/20
654The Wrong Abstraction (2016)05/07/20
1130Where Am I? NYTimes or Google?04/07/20
675Zettlr – FOSS markdown editor for personal knowledge management and publishing03/07/20
928LinkedIn is copying the contents of my clipboard on every keystroke02/07/20
2229Oppose the Earn IT Act01/07/20
2282The End of the Redis Adventure30/06/20
1483India bans TikTok, WeChat, and dozens of other Chinese apps29/06/20
699Foam – A Roam Research alternative with VSCode, Markdown and GitHub28/06/20
944Lemmy, an open-source federated Reddit alternative, gets funding for development27/06/20
836Santa Cruz, California bans predictive policing in U.S. first26/06/20
1039When you type realty.com into Safari it takes you to realtor.com25/06/20
1847iOS14 reveals that TikTok may snoop clipboard contents every few keystrokes24/06/20
2450I Am Deleting the Blog23/06/20
1869Apple announces it will switch to its own processors for future Macs22/06/20
1169Teach Yourself Computer Science21/06/20
385A Nvidia Engineer Wrote a Vulkan Driver That Works on Older Raspberry Pi20/06/20
385Why Figma Wins20/06/20
1044You download the app and it doesn’t work19/06/20
1363Mozilla VPN18/06/20
1220Time to Upgrade Your Monitor17/06/20
804Drive through cities in the browser while listening to local radio stations16/06/20
906Adobe to remove Flash Player from web site after December 202015/06/20
869Google adds experimental setting to hide full URLs in Chrome 85 address bar14/06/20
1069Zoom Acknowledges It Suspended Activists' Accounts at China's Request13/06/20
878Play Counter-Strike 1.6 in your browser12/06/20
1104MIT Ends Elsevier Negotiations11/06/20
2003Zoom closes account of U.S.-based Chinese activist after Tiananmen event10/06/20
937Thank HN: My startup was born here and is now 10 years old09/06/20
778Container technologies at Coinbase: Why Kubernetes is not part of our stack08/06/20
709Most tech content is bullshit07/06/20
952New slats make the Golden Gate Bridge sound like a David Lynch movie06/06/20
723SimRefinery Recovered05/06/20
649The Beauty of Unix Pipelines04/06/20
1094Zoom says it won’t encrypt free calls so it can work more with law enforcement03/06/20
1125Police attacks against journalists across the U.S. since May 2802/06/20
589This Website Will Self Destruct01/06/20
2634Ask HN: Am I the longest-serving programmer – 57 years and counting?31/05/20
2856SpaceX successfully launches two humans into orbit30/05/20
1061Twitter hides Donald Trump tweet for “glorifying violence”29/05/20
1092Tools for Better Thinking28/05/20
1930The Day AppGet Died27/05/20
1668AWS services explained in one line each26/05/20
1030Tell HN: Triplebyte reverses, emails apology25/05/20
688Product Marketing for Engineers24/05/20
1543Tell HN: Interviewed with Triplebyte? Your profile is about to become public23/05/20
2031MacOS Catalina: Slow by Design?22/05/20
1294Why Is This Website Port Scanning Me?20/05/20
1237New York Times phasing out all 3rd-party advertising data19/05/20
1783Google deletes “communist bandits” from comments on Youtube18/05/20
798It’s Time to Get Back to RSS17/05/20
1186If I could bring one thing back to the internet it would be blogs16/05/20
975A small restaurant owner on Google, DoorDash, and Grubhub15/05/20
969Do not Draw a Penis14/05/20
2081Deno 1.013/05/20
2953Twitter Will Allow Employees to Work at Home Forever12/05/20
1224We at $Famous_company switched to $Hyped_technology11/05/20
774Convincing-looking 90s fonts in modern browsers10/05/20
1044Write Libraries, Not Frameworks09/05/20
1417We Chat, They Watch08/05/20
1879Zoom Acquires Keybase07/05/20
1769GitHub Codespaces06/05/20
791Citing revenue declines, Airbnb cuts 25% of workforce05/05/20
3816Bye, Amazon04/05/20
666Ask HN: How do you manage self-study?03/05/20
1230Medium-hard SQL interview questions02/05/20
1464ICANN board withholds consent for a change of control of the .org registry01/05/20
727Rules of thumb for a 1x developer30/04/20
770SSH hacks – a little sanity for remote workers29/04/20
711“Amazon is holding over 4.2M dollars, suffocating our business”28/04/20
888Disney claims anyone using a Twitter hashtag is agreeing to their terms of use27/04/20
767Eloquent JavaScript 3rd Edition (2018)26/04/20
785In 4 US state prisons, 3,300 inmates test positive, 96% without symptoms25/04/20
861Seinfeld Adventure24/04/20
1350Amazon scooped up data from its own sellers to launch competing products23/04/20
1011Things I wished more developers knew about databases22/04/20
1134Stripe records user movements on its customers' websites21/04/20
1676Shirt Without Stripes20/04/20
3270Ask HN: I'm a software engineer going blind, how should I prepare?19/04/20
1820It’s Time to Build18/04/20
996The Decline of Usability17/04/20
721Stripe raises $600M at nearly $36B valuation16/04/20
1539New iPhone SE15/04/20
2589GitHub is now free for teams14/04/20
710Inkscape 1.0 Release Candidate13/04/20
629Ask HN: Programs that saved you 100 hours?12/04/20
2305John Conway has died11/04/20
823Apple and Google partner on Covid-19 contact tracing technology10/04/20
862Signal threatens to dump US market if EARN IT act passes09/04/20
1429New Google SRE book: Building Secure and Reliable Systems08/04/20
1170Apple Faceshield07/04/20
724Coronavirus and Credibility06/04/20
1081Ask HN: What are your favorite low-coding apps / tools as a developer?05/04/20
496Startups are pummeled in the ‘great unwinding’04/04/20
1248Zoom rolled their own encryption scheme, transmit keys through servers in China03/04/20
1149How to manage HTML DOM with vanilla JavaScript only?02/04/20
1518OBS Studio: Open-source software for video recording and live streaming01/04/20
1922Honda bucks industry trend by removing touchscreen controls31/03/20
821WireGuard 1.030/03/20
699How to burn the most money with a single click in Azure29/03/20
788New Grad vs. Senior Dev28/03/20
1597Zoom needs to clean up its privacy act27/03/20
1433Zoom iOS app sends data to Facebook even if you don’t have a Facebook account26/03/20
963Private client-side-only PWAs are hard, but now Apple made them impossible25/03/20
831Zig cc: A drop-in replacement for GCC/Clang24/03/20
1083Ask HN: Who is hiring right now?23/03/20
571Technical Writing Courses22/03/20
809Ask HN: What projects are you working on now?21/03/20
427MIT to no longer consider SAT subject tests in admissions decisions20/03/20
953Netflix to cut streaming quality in Europe for 30 days19/03/20
800Ask HN: Have you been laid off?18/03/20
790TikTok told moderators to suppress posts by “ugly” people and the poor17/03/20
1829NPM Is Joining GitHub16/03/20
689Vienna Opera opened its archive for free streaming15/03/20
1095Open letter from Italy to the international scientific community14/03/20
757Linux Kernel Teaching13/03/20
920U.S. will suspend all travel from Europe for 30 days12/03/20
1243Covid-19 is now officially a pandemic, WHO says11/03/20
1027MIT moves all classes online for the rest of the semester10/03/20
825“Just walk out” technology by Amazon09/03/20
516Do whatever you can't stop thinking about08/03/20
577I have seen things07/03/20
1158DuckDuckGo is good enough for regular use06/03/20
901Using Anki to remember what you read05/03/20
786Highest French court reclassifies Uber drivers as employees04/03/20
1216SETI@home shuts down after 21 years03/03/20
854Firefox is showing the way back to a world that’s private by default02/03/20
547Ask HN: Good ways to capture institutional knowledge?01/03/20
927A half-hour to learn Rust29/02/20
1238Freeman Dyson Has Died28/02/20
1160Let's Encrypt Has Issued a Billion Certificates27/02/20
974Tailwind UI26/02/20
1115Smithsonian Releases 2.8M Images into Public Domain25/02/20
980“We found PayPal vulnerabilities and PayPal punished us for it”24/02/20
1232Mathematics for the Adventurous Self-Learner23/02/20
503Does memory leak? (1995)22/02/20
934More bosses give four-day workweek a try21/02/20
766Real-time, in-camera background compositing in The Mandalorian20/02/20
1346Larry Tesler Has Died18/02/20
831Pay up or we’ll make Google ban your ads17/02/20
10301-on-1 meeting questions16/02/20
1027The dystopian world of software engineering interviews15/02/20
631Signal is finally bringing its secure messaging to the masses14/02/20
1564I Add 3-25 Seconds of Latency to Every Site I Visit13/02/20
962How the CIA used Crypto AG encryption devices to spy on countries for decades11/02/20
1047Microsoft begins showing an anti-Firefox ad in the Windows 10 start menu10/02/20
850Reasons not to become famous09/02/20
1545My productivity app for the past 12 years has been a single .txt file08/02/20
734Python dicts are now ordered07/02/20
766Ask HN: Advice for a new and inexperienced tech lead?06/02/20
1594Wacom tablets track every app you open05/02/20
2292Google tracks individual users per Chrome installation ID04/02/20
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504Writing Safe Shell Scripts (2019)01/02/20
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1012An Update on Bradfitz: Leaving Google27/01/20
662Access to Wikipedia restored in Turkey after more than two and a half years26/01/20
605Google backtracks on search results design25/01/20
748List of Twitter mute words for your timeline24/01/20
1375Procrastination is about managing emotions, not time23/01/20
727DuckDuckGo Traffic22/01/20
3592Every Google result now looks like an ad21/01/20
833My FOSS Story20/01/20
721Crew Dragon launch escape demonstration19/01/20
486Volkswagen exec admits full self-driving cars 'may never happen'18/01/20
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699Unofficial Apple Archive16/01/20
2425Thank HN: You helped me get a new job15/01/20
714Patch Critical Cryptographic Vulnerability in Microsoft Windows [pdf]14/01/20
781iOS 13 app tracking alert has dramatically cut location data flow to ad industry13/01/20
722Deploy your side-projects at scale for basically nothing – Google Cloud Run12/01/20
1678Goodbye, Clean Code11/01/20
870VVVVVV’s source code is now public, 10 year anniversary jam happening now10/01/20
1448Broot – A new way to see and navigate directory trees09/01/20
1111How to Exit Vim08/01/20
928The first chosen-prefix collision for SHA-107/01/20
798Products I Wish Existed06/01/20
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1721IRS Reforms Free File Program, Drops Agreement Not to Compete with TurboTax31/12/19
863What: A terminal tool to check what is taking up your bandwidth30/12/19
685Encoding your WiFi access point password into a QR code29/12/19
1246Samsung TVs May Upload Screenshots for Automatic Content Recognition28/12/19
1236Sonos's “recycle mode” intentionally bricks devices so they can't be reused27/12/19
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1321This Page is Designed to Last19/12/19
740Amazon, Apple, Google, and the Zigbee Alliance to develop connectivity standard18/12/19
807Google Brass Set 2023 as Deadline to Beat Amazon, Microsoft in Cloud17/12/19
1536Nebraska farmers vote overwhelmingly for Right to Repair16/12/19
1168JetBrains: $270M revenue, 405K paying users, $0 raised15/12/19
1992Having Kids14/12/19
787Why Nukemap Isn't on Google Maps Anymore13/12/19
1303Huginn: Create agents that monitor and act on your behalf12/12/19
1673Learning at work is work, and we must make space for it11/12/19
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1204Sundar will be the CEO of both Google and Alphabet03/12/19
1004PIA VPN to be acquired by malware company founded by former Israeli spy02/12/19
795The world needs more search engines01/12/19
770Calculus Explained with GIFs and Pics (2014)30/11/19
994ISOC sold the .org registry to Ethos Capital for $1.1B29/11/19
1596Firefox Replay28/11/19
914Lessons learned building an ML trading system27/11/19
1240Psilocybin for major depression granted Breakthrough Therapy by FDA26/11/19
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1007Tell HN: Google should drop Quora from search results24/11/19
2297Save .org23/11/19
1765Tesla Cybertruck22/11/19
13061000fps image projection on deforming non-rigid surface21/11/19
2776Slack’s new WYSIWYG input box is terrible20/11/19
907How to recognize AI snake oil [pdf]19/11/19
1549Hacker Publishes 2TB of Data from Cayman National Bank18/11/19
872Writing userspace USB drivers for abandoned devices17/11/19
368Joplin – a note taking and to-do application with synchronization capabilities16/11/19
741 Jimmy Wales has quietly launched a Facebook rival15/11/19
1478Build Your Own React14/11/19
184016-inch MacBook Pro13/11/19
2063Court: Suspicionless Searches of Travelers’ Phones and Laptops Unconstitutional12/11/19
798Makers, Don't Let Yourself Be Forced into the 'Manager Schedule'11/11/19
927Using Firefox for a faster, calmer and distraction-free internet10/11/19
914The FCC Has Fined Robocallers $208M, Collected $6,79009/11/19
852System design hack: Postgres is a great pub/sub and job server08/11/19
1102Async-await on stable Rust07/11/19
712Former Twitter Employees Charged with Spying for Saudi Arabia06/11/19
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1675We Stood Up to a Patent Troll and Won04/11/19
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2525Blizzard Suspends Professional Hearthstone Player for Hong Kong Comments08/10/19
1456Apple Hides Taiwan Flag in Hong Kong07/10/19
529Writing Is Thinking: Learning to Write with Confidence06/10/19
411Google, Xiaomi, and Huawei affected by zero-day flaw that unlocks root access05/10/19